To inspire you to develop and unleash your potential and make you happy about the results. This is our mission.


At WiseRise, talent and experience come together. For over a decade we have been:

– Building HR processes
– Developing organizational cultures
– Leading teams
– Creating employer branding strategies

Our teams achieved a 50%+ efficiency increase.


– 12 years of experience in the new technologies sector
– 300 coaching sessions
– 100 workshops
– 2 international Gallup Institute Coach Certificates. One for each of us

We are a team that makes things happen. Our tools, workshops, and unique techniques turn you into a team leader.

Expect the nitty-gritty, practice, and results. Even you will be jealous of yourself.

Who trusted us?

For Karolina, nothing is impossible. Always engaged and full of ideas, she infects others with her enthusiasm and the will to develop. On top of that, she is reliable and perfectly organized. It was a pleasure to work with her.


Magda, HR Business Partner – PGS Software

The first word that comes to my mind when I think about working with Kamila is “reliable.” We did several projects together and I could always rely on her engagement and responsibility. Kamila never does a project so-so; she always puts 150% in and does not let off until she is happy with the results.


Ula, Certyfikowany Coach Instytutu Gallupa

When Karolina is on a project, she makes sure that everyone feels that what we do makes sense and understands a wider context. She also guarantees that the project is not done for the sake of being done but gives real value to the business or solves real problems.


Karolina, Director People & Culture Poland & Baltic States – Philip Morris International

Full of professionalism, care and insights into my personal traits—for the whole time. Kamila helped me to develop my skills to a level that I never expected to see in such a short time.


Arek – Project Manager – Intive

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