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A place where our experience and tools for leaders help you to build motivated teams.
WiseRise helps to create an organizational culture. We improve the quality of work, efficiency, and well-being of employees and use simple and proven methods to solve complex problems.

Why WiseRise? ?

Want to develop your team, but you don’t know how to do it? Try to answer the following questions. If you answered YES to any of them, contact us:

High employee turnover?

Poorly motivated team?

Helpless leaders?

Ineffective recruitment?

Unsatisfactory competences of leaders and teams?

What else we could do for you.


Coaching sessions and workshops help you find and develop your strengths.


Training full of brass tacks provide you with efficient tools.


Practical and wise solutions will improve efficiency and ease work in your company.


An efficient formula makes people better-aligned to the company.


Solving your problem starts with one question: WHY?

We will keep repeating this question until we have defined the problem together.

Because we are business practitioners. Who have developed a method that will allow you to hire better-aligned employees, reduce employee turnover, and increase engagement.

Don’t believe us?
Hold our KPIs.

Who trusted us?

Working with WiseRise is a great pleasure: they are full of passion and involvement, they brilliantly diagnose problems in the organization, and they offer effective solutions.

Kasia, Head of HR & IT Recruitment – JLabs

Working with WiseRise is like ascending the K2: you know it’s not going to be easy, but with such partners everything turns out to be possible. And the final effect is more than worth it.


Piotr, Co-Founder & CEO – Spyrosoft Synergy S.A.

I had the pleasure of watching and being a part of the Gallup assessment for particular persons. The way in which the resulting benefits were turned into real value for our personnel—absolutely fantastic!


Adam, Project Manager – IT Software House

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