Discover your potential.

Name your talents. Turn them into strengths with the Gallup assessment.
Contact us. Choose the full 34 talents or your top 5 talents. We will explain the differences and purchase the assessment for you.

You went through the Gallup assessment and now are wondering what’s next? It’s confirmed that discovering talents makes you happier and fulfilled about your work. How to transform talents into strengths? We have the answers.

With WiseRise you will:

– participate in coaching sessions and group workshops
– discover your potential and use it effectively, not only at work.

Motivation and efficiency increase guaranteed!

When you work on your strengths, you know:

How to work in the most efficient way

What motivates you

How to work without burdens

Who you like working with most

Who is it for?


Sessions of between 60 and 120 minutes when you will understand how to transform your talents into strengths and tangible results

Sessions based on your work and professional role (company owner, leader, expert, recruiter, etc.)

Work with specific topics: your challenges

Workshops for

Workshops of between 8 and 16 hours when you will build the awareness of how others think, feel, and act

Understand how to utilize diversity and act in synergy

Maximum efficiency and synergy in teamwork.

Workshops for

Discover your most efficient way of acting strategically.

Understand how to use this to be an efficient leader trusted by others.

Name your leadership style and its success criteria.

What else we could do for You?


Training full of brass tacks provide you with efficient tools.


Practical and wise solutions will improve efficiency and ease work in your company.


An efficient formula makes people better-aligned to the company.

Looking for something else?

Let us know what exactly you need.

What they say about us?

Thanks to the workshops, the teams have learned how to efficiently cooperate with one other. Open discussions about the strengths of teams and people have elevated their motivation to work together, as well as mutual trust and understanding to a whole new level.


Mateusz, Head of Delivery – Siili Solutions

Hand on heart, I can recommend the individual coaching at WiseRise—I always felt listened to and the meetings were adjusted to my needs. This surely wasn’t just a one-off thing, as I am still taking advantage of the effects.


Ewa, Senior IT Recruiter – Philip Morris International

A big thank you for turning a group of nerds into a real team! A team where everyone is motivated and uses their talents.


Oskar, Sr Software Engineer – Siili Solutions