Create a work culture that attracts people.

The PSB model is a firewall against low performers. Really! Learn about efficient and proven tools that will make sure people are perfectly aligned to your company. Higher efficiency of your employees will translate to better results.

Help to define the most important goals of your organization’s existence (WHY) and support you in implementing them into effective daily operations.

Show you how to reach the right candidates whose values align with your company’s DNA—not just at the declarations level.

Teach how to leverage strengths to increase employee motivation and engagement.

What do you get by implementing the PSB model in your organization?

Time and money you would spend in the recruitment process

Efficient tools for recruiting and developing employees

People who are optimally aligned to your company

High employee motivation and involvement

Peace of mind and enjoyment of the effects

Who is the PSB (Purpose, Strengths, Behaviors) model for?

Organizations consciously shaping their activities around a clearly defined common purpose Companies developing a strengths-based culture where they hire only those people whose behaviors manifest company’s values and philosophy.

Name the common aim


– Helps in naming the aim in a way that respects individual motivations of all team members

– Shows how to draw on the aim (the WHY) by implementing it into all actions and decisions

develop a culture based on them


– Help to develop an awareness of strengths and an ability to efficiently use them at the individual, team, and strategic level

– Help leaders to create a work environment where employees make the most of their potential, which translates to the company’s results

reinforce those that guarantee effects


– Help to identify and name the behaviors that form the DNA of your brand

– Build dedicated tools that allow you to spot at the earliest possible stage the candidates not suitable to your brand

– Teach leaders how to reinforce the desired behaviors in employees

What else we could do for you?


Coaching sessions and workshops help you find and develop your strengths.


Training full of brass tacks provide you with efficient tools.


Practical and wise solutions will improve efficiency and ease work in your company.

Looking for something different?

Let us know what exactly you need.

What do they tell about us?

Hiring for Attitude allowed us to build a team whose members share the same values, go in the same direction in spite of looking from various perspectives, and achieve goals—in fact, they are able to set themselves goals that are even more ambitious than the ones defined for them.

Przemek, Tech Lead – IT Software House

WHY: Working with WiseRise, I know that their services are of top quality and that everything will be adjusted to the needs of the target group. I recommend WHY.


Kasia, People Partner – Spyrosoft Synergy

Strengths: Thanks to the workshops, the teams understood how to efficiently cooperate and how their colleagues handle everyday challenges. As a result, the self-awareness and the motivation of the team significantly increased.


Mateusz, Senior UX – Siili Auto